Swept Off My Feet

So there’s a reason I haven’t been posting recently, I’m sorry for such a delay. Besides school and belly dance taking over my life, I happened to meet a guy out of the blue… I really hate that line “They’ll come when you least expect it” because it is so true. I definitely could not have expected to meet someone as amazing as him. We’ve been dating for almost a month now.

This painting "Tango Argentino" is in my room, both he and I love it.

This painting “Tango Argentino” is in my room, both he and I love it.

So, right as I was writing this, I got distracted by him, Lorenzo, when he sent me a text saying “Do you have a favorite flower? Just so I know for future reference 🙂 ”

I felt tears brim in my eyes as bubbles of laughter caught in my throat. It was a strange sensation of all the emotions of the past flooding back mixed with pure joy at the thought of this amazing man. For so long all I have wanted was to get flowers. It’s such a simple gift to show the guy appreciates you. Now, after years and three other guys, I finally am getting the flowers I have always wanted, even if I haven’t really gotten them yet.

It’s strange. In so many ways Lorenzo meets every simple need I have always wished I had…

To be held…

To be touched…

To be appreciated…

It seems like such things would be a given but after multiple failures it starts to feel like maybe I had been asking for too much. I am glad to find there are still guys who find these things necessary to any relationship. I know this physically can’t happen, but Lorenzo makes my heart smile.


Four weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon my friend La Virtuosa called me, inviting me to go Salsa dancing with her and the ballroom team at a local dance hall.

“Also, a certain person was wondering if you were coming…”

“What?!?!? Who!!!” I exclaimed excitedly once I heard the teasing/excited lilt in her voice.


I freaked out when I heard this. I didn’t really know Lorenzo very well, for some reason I hadn’t even thought of him romantically honestly. He was another person in belly dance who also did ballroom dancing, and that’s about all I knew of him. I was surprised he even liked me because I didn’t think he knew very much about me either except for the fact that I was a belly dance captain.

I also remember I once skipped a class to go to one of ballroom’s social dance lessons. This is an event they hold every Monday where anyone can come in and learn whatever dance they happen to be teaching. Normally I have class during this time but they were doing swing dancing that night, my absolute favorite, so I had to go.

I showed up with my second-hand Goodwill heels, and strapped them on as I nervously looked around the room at all the faces I didn’t know. I went alone because of course I was single, but also all of my friends were busy. Learning the moves was easy enough, I had learned them all before. What was the embarrassing part was having to dance with a partner, seeing as practically everyone else had come with someone.

As everyone paired up I inwardly cringed, feeling like an idiot because they had to call over one of the team members to dance with me. I looked at the ground until I saw a pair of feet in nice dancing shoes in front of me.

“Hey, you’re in belly dance, right?” I ask him smiling. Finally someone I vaguely knew. He grinned and began sweeping me across the dance floor. I laughed and told him “Now you get to school me in dancing!”


On the night I went out salsa dancing, I had completely forgotten about that night of swing dancing. Soon I was being swung about the room by various partners, all whom seemed friendly but I did not feel very comfortable with. I did not even know how to salsa but for some reason they kept asking to dance with me!

Finally Lorenzo held his hand out to me, and despite my bruised and aching feet, I beamed and put my hand in his. As he held my hands, his thumbs brushed gently over mine in an unconsciously reassuring manner. He knew I was nervous, being the only one not knowing what I was doing, but calmed my nerves with laughter, grins and spins.

I was, quite literally, swept off my feet.


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