Foreign Men

My life is probably going to turn into a soap opera, I swear. I’m so tired right now but I feel like it is necessary to indulge you all on the day’s occurrences. Of course the first day I get back from my mini vacation something would happen, or some things as my title alludes to.

I had work this morning at a cafeteria like area on campus. It’s where I’ve been working every day since I was a freshman so now that I’m a supervisor I run all over the place doing this and that, making sure that things run smoothly. I remember cleaning at my station and from across the way I saw a tall man with jet black curly hair stroll into the small cafeteria. I grabbed some dishes and brought them over to the dish room so I could have another peak at the man that had piqued my interest. When I returned from the kitchen I could see the mystery man clearly, and he definitely saw me.

It was only a few seconds as I rushed back over to the other side but in that moment I gazed into his stereotypical piercing blue eyes, enraptured by his fair skin and tumble of jet black hair. I couldn’t help but be caught in his gaze. I on the other hand probably did not look as nice, with my hair tossed up in a pony tail and nestled under a faded dining services hat, accompanied by various food stains on my apron and shirt. Oh well, he was some very attractive man candy and I hope to see him again.

Then, John texts me out of no where saying he was coming to the cafeteria today to get his usual (chicken curry, a samosa and naan) and that I should stop by and say hi. So after a 30 minute rush I found him still there and we chatted about our heritage and he revealed some personal things about his family. I found out he was half Greek, since I am part Greek also, which made sense when you looked at him. Later, he even bought me a drink which was nice (even though I could have gotten my own for free). Seeing him again just threw a wrench in the whole, let’s-stop-hooking-up-but-be-friends thing. He was still flirting with me and generally fucking with my emotions which I don’t need right now, haha.


Fast forward a couple hours after a great belly dance jam session. It was 10:30 and I still hadn’t eaten dinner yet so our friend Ally invited us to dinner with her and some friends. It turns out my co-captain and friends from ballroom dance team were there so we all sat together. I saw across from my co-captain, Ellie, and noticed one empty seat next to me.

“Oh, you have to meet my Australian friend,” she says to me with a coy grin. I laugh, go get food and come back to find a very attractive man leaning back in his chair doing belly rolls.

“Look at what he can do!” Ellie exclaims in amusement as he does fluid belly rolls under his shirt. I smile and am floored as I sit down.

“Autumn, this is Matt, Matt, Autumn.” I smile and say hi as I join everyone in conversation. It’s not too long when he turns to me and starts asking me about my so called terrible childhood. Having just met him I couldn’t tell if he was being serious so I decided to tell a humorous tale of my younger sisters terrorizing me that had the whole table laughing. Then I asked him to tell me a story so he did.

“I was young, see I used to live in a caravan in the Bush before I was five with my family. We used to have to walk so far just to get water. I remember one day we were walking and I saw this bigggg snake, like as big as this table” he motions with his hands to the six foot long table we were sitting at. “I think it was a dream… no… WAIT, I remember stepping over it. It wasn’t a dream.” He grinned at me and I couldn’t help but grin back.


“I like your shirt” he said a while later while I was talking to a friend at the other end of the table. I turned around a grinned at him saying thank you. He asked about the details of how the shirt was made to which I had no good response, saying “I think it’s a print.”

When it was time to say good bye, we were all hugging each other. Matt fake pouted and said he wanted a hug and so I turned to him and gave him one of course! Ughhhh, that accent though, I never thought I’d be one of those girls to fall for an accent, but accents paired with a great sense of humor and an attractive body… I can’t help myself!

Needless to say I’m going to be having some dreams about my foreign men tonight!


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