The New Guy Part II

So what you guys don’t realize yet is that the night did not end there! This is still the first night that I met Madison’s friend John as mentioned in this post. After we had finished dancing Madison asked if we were still going to watch a movie. The group had been deliberating for a while before we decided the night was young and we should still watch a movie in someone’s room. Madison immediately volunteered John’s room because he had a single and we could all fit in there and watch the movie on his TV. Throughout the whole movie John and I kept exchanging glances and coy smiles from across the room. As soon as the movie ended, my friends made a beeline out of the room and left me to awkwardly shuffle my belongings together.

John came up to me as I was putting my shoes on and started talking to me about this and that. I laughed and smiled, making my way out of the room. He kept talking to me as I leaned against the hallway wall next to his door and he leaned towards me against his door frame. We stood there talking until we realized how silly we were being and he invited me back inside his room.

He had me sit down next to him at his computer while we shared music. Soon I showed him the song from my solo that he loved and songs from another belly dancing band. Then I was belly dancing in front of him again, as he sat there in awe. After I had finished dancing I sat down next to him. Somehow the conversation turned to accents and he mentioned how he did a great Irish accent so of course I asked him to do it. He explained that he had to set it up…

He leaned in close and proceeded with: “Okay, imagine you’re at a party and you’re alone in the corner and I come up to you.”

I smiled and waited.

He looked down and shyly glanced up at me with his eyebrow crooked questioningly. “Excuse me lass,” he said as he leaned closer, “but your eyes, they remind me of the waters off the coast of Ireland!” He leaned in closer…

“Dude, my eyes are brown. That’s some shitty water!” I exclaimed, laughing, breaking the spell. I knew what was going to happen if I had kept quiet, but that wasn’t who I was so we both burst into fits of laughter. Then it was my turn to do an accent. I told him i did a great magnolia drawl kind of like a Southern belle. I kept laughing nervously, him waiting patiently to hear it, then something changed in me. I grinned coyly at him as I took on a new persona.

“Well hi there sir, you look mighty strong. I could use a man like you out in the yard. I could fix you a mint julep while you work until your muscles glisten with sweat.” As I said this I gently brushed his forearm with the tips of my fingers, leaving him speechless for a good minute after I had finished.

He looked at me in a new light until he leaned closer and closer. My eyes closed and my hands rose up to cup his face of their own free will while his hands ran through my curly hair, our lips gently discovering each other.


Later as we lie on his bed, me cuddling in the crook of his arm as he nuzzled my forehead, we stared at the ceiling talking about our dreams, the future, how we were both studying abroad. We both knew this was not going to develop into anything serious because he had just recently got out of a long relationship and I had as well, not to mention we both would be gone soon. (For the record we did not have sex, we just made out a lot). He told me things he didn’t feel comfortable telling other people.

“I knew from the moment I saw you dance that I had to get you alone with me” he said at one point. I smiled giddily, let myself fall for a guy that never wanted love in the first place. And that’s when I screwed myself over, when I imagined that he would want something serious when he got to know me.

Over the past two weeks I realized I had been the one who was initiating everything. I added him on Facebook, I gave him my number a week later. Every time we hung out it was because I had texted him.

When I hung out with Madison, she told me something that would change everything.


“He’s hooking up with another girl you know” she told me one day when I mentioned Jake. I texted her a few days later to ask how serious it was and this is what she responded with this.

“Well I mean he’s not really looking for anything serious at all, I know he likes her a lot so I would maybe not invest too much. Because you deserve a guy who wants to make a commitment and that’s not him right now. I think he might have been misleading with being so romantic … He’s still in a really bad phase right now and you two are just in different places … you deserve better girlie <3”

I was with my friend Ally when I received that text. I knew from the start that he didn’t want anything serious. I just chose to think that maybe I was an exception. I wasn’t.

Tears burned behind my eyes as I wore a smile like I usually do, physically unable to show pain in front of others. I grimaced, wanting to cry. Even as I write this I want to cry but the tears just don’t come, probably because my roommate is here. I got too excited too quick because here was this guy treating me better than any other man in my life had.

And I caved and texted my most recent ex, R. I can’t help it, i craved attention and of course it’s not helping at all. At least I haven’t texted John. Who knows, maybe prince charming is right around the corner and I’m throwing a fit over nothing.

I hope I don’t fall in love when I study abroad in England. As much as I would love a Letters to Juliet scenario where the journalist is swept off her feet by a dashing English man, that distance would suck! I’ve been in a two year, long distance relationship and I don’t need that in my life! I want him right here, right now.


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