The New Guy

So I have a dilemma.

I met a guy as you might have noticed from my previous post. And he’s the first guy I’ve actually been interested in since my ex so I basically don’t know what to do with myself. Maybe you guys can help me out? I’ll tell you everything that’s happened up until this point and you can be the judge.

My friends and I decided we all needed a girl’s night so we hung out in Ally’s room. Her roommate is always with her boyfriend so Ally usually has the place to herself which makes for a great hang out spot. So we were having typical girl talk, gossiping, swapping stories when a friend gets a text from Madison. Madison is pretty drunk but wants to hang out with us, and also has a friend with her. Being very welcoming people, we encourage her to come down.

So, Madison waltz’s in with her usual sassy personality, slightly amplified because of her drunkenness and tall guy with feathered brown hair follows her into the room. We continue our girly chit chat with our new friend, John, putting in his male opinion for the other half of the world. Soon he has the whole room cracking up with his revelations on what chivalry really is, which went a little like this.

“So when a guy is being nice to you, he really only has one thing on his mind. For example, when a guy holds open a door for you, he’s basically saying ‘Want some dick?’ When a guy offers to carry your things, what he really means is ‘Want some dick?”

By this point I had really started to look at him. His coy grin with a set of small but perfect teeth, the way his left eyebrow is always crooked in a questioning glance, the slight stubble around his jaw and neck.

There were four ladybugs buzzing around the single fluorescent light in Ally’s room and John and I seemed to be the only ones who noticed as we kept glancing up at them between conversation with everyone. Then we both pointed up and announced at the same time that “there are ladybugs…” and we trailed off grinning when we noticed we had both said that at the same time.

Ally decided to put on some belly dance music since we were all belly dancers. I ran to my room, two doors down, to grab my veil so we could dance together. When I got back, my solo song from the other day happened to come on and everyone in the room begged me to dance to it again. I smiled sheepishly then caved, knowing I secretly love to show off.

The song had a heavy, steady base beat that I dropped, popped, and undulated to. The climax was when I did 12 barrel roles (which involves A LOT of spinning basically for those who don’t know), pulled the veil through a loop between my pointer finger and thumb and then cast the veil to the side when the song said “FUCK IT”, jamming out for the last few seconds.

My chest heaved as I panted but grinned at John, forgetting that there were three other girls in the room. John just stared, jaw dropped and then snapped out of it as everyone started clapping and cheering.


I have to go to dinner now but I will post more tonight! Here is the song I danced to!


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