The Power of a Gaze

I have begun to notice something that I never had before when I was with my most recent ex. The power of a gaze. A gaze can mean so much alone, and can hold so much emotion. I never noticed it before but receiving a gaze from another person can be so fascinating!

First of all, you know they are actually listening to you. I was in the back seat of my best friend’s car with her friend that I had just met, L. I didn’t know much about him so we were talking about very general stuff, what do you like, what are you studying, etc. What struck me was his eyes. He had turned so that he was leaning on his right arm, resting on the seat, his body angled towards me so his face was directly in line with mine.

His eyes gazed into mine, and I could see his mind working, digesting what I was saying and coming up with a response, something clever, something factual, something fascinating. It almost didn’t even matter. I was just so surprised at how awe struck I was at his gaze. In fact I loved it. I felt respected, like he cared about what I was saying, that I mattered and should be treated as such. Not once did he glance down or look away when talking to me, he was completely sure of himself and did not need to look away.

I was so attracted to the power of his gaze that I didn’t even notice it. I was simply enraptured. I feel like someone who can look you straight in the eye is confident in themselves and what they want in life. And I feel like that’s the kind of person I need in my life.


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  1. Your ex
    Aug 05, 2013 @ 13:31:49

    Your pathetic to think and not remember all. That we have really done, and to think the countless times we have gazed in each other’s. Eyes, just ingesting all the info, u disgust me, i hope u find what u want, cause what i found was a girl who just demands attention, and honestly I’ll tell you right now this might be the last that u hear from me, life is spiraling out of control, and idk how long I have left


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