Atlantis Found?

Discovered by underwater archaeologist, Franck Goddio, Thonis-Heracleion (Egyptian and Greek names of the city) lies below the sea, off the coast of the Nile’s Delta. Built before the great city of Alexandria was built (which was in 331 B.C.) it was a town that was the number one port that every ship came into to reach the Greek world that is now Egypt.

Founded in the 8th century B. C., the city underwent unknown natural disasters and sank to the depths of the ocean, where the water and pressure kept the ancient coins, statues and hieroglyphs in nearly perfect condition for centuries.

The site was discovered 13 years ago in 2000 and has only just been revealed. If it weren’t for this fantastic find, it would have almost disappeared from history if not for the sparse references in ancient Greek texts.

Below are a series of pictures from the ancient underwater site. Photos are taken by Christoph Gerigk.






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