Fun in the Face of Northeaster Nemo

Despite of the chilly weather, many people were out and about in the storm, at all hours of the night and next day. There is much fun to be had when a storm of this multitude blows through the Northeastern coast and leaves 2  feet or more of snow accumulation. In this article by Barbara Solow and Bob Dunn of the Daily Hampshire Gazette, there were numerous people that were enjoying New England’s wacky weather.

Besides those that they interviewed, outside my window at Field Hall, UMass Amherst, I saw kids walking around with snowboards at 1 a.m. and earlier that night there was even a proposal made outside of Franklin Dining Commons!

Picture from

Picture from

A man from UMass Boston came out to see his girlfriend Sara near the beginning of the storm Friday night, outside of Franklin DC. In a video recorded at the scene, as soon as the group of people (seen crossing the snow covered street in the picture above) finished writing the romantic statement in the snow, a girl (I’m assuming Sara) ran outside the DC and into the arms of her new fiance.

(Video courtesy of Youtube user ChangingMyPants)

Today, Saturday 9th, many students gathered behind Baker Hall for some fun in the sun. This involved sledding on mattresses (real and air), cardboard, old dining trays, plastic lids, their body. What was most fun was seeing these guys snowboarding and skiing down the hill, adding tricks as they got more comfortable.

Guys waiting to hit the mini slope

Guys waiting to hit the mini slope by Vincenza Parella

These guys were fun to watch!

(Video made and taken by Vincenza Parella)


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