I’ll Be Okay.

It’s funny how when you finally forget about people they try to get back into your life. Like the ‘other guy’ I alluded to in one of my first posts The Whole Truth, or S ( my first boyfriend) from Walking Memories, Shadows of Themselves, or my rebound from Internet Dating, or my most recent ex, R (he is in a lot of posts on here so it would be too much to link to). I mean, I’ll never forget him, he was my first love and nothing will change that even though both he and I have changed.



A Letter to My Lover

There is a reason I haven’t posted on here in a long time. It’s because I have traveled across the ocean and am currently studying abroad in the UK. Luckily for me Lorenzo also happened to be studying abroad in Italy. We plan to visit each other at some point but probably not until March or April. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve seen him physically and I’m already feeling the effects of a long distance relationship.


It Started Small

I feel like I have to write. For now the TV is too loud but I don’t want to turn it off because Awkward is on and I want to see the end of it. But I wanted to talk about Lorenzo.

It’s been a month and a half since we first went out salsa dancing, which he said the other day was our first date. Since then we have been on multiple dates, most of which he has planned. It is so refreshing to have to the guy plan the dates. For so long I was begging my ex to do this or that, I had to be the one to ask for everything, to do anything, to get him up. It wasn’t always like this, but for the most part I was the one in control, but I quickly got tired of being the one holding onto the reins.


Swept Off My Feet

So there’s a reason I haven’t been posting recently, I’m sorry for such a delay. Besides school and belly dance taking over my life, I happened to meet a guy out of the blue… I really hate that line “They’ll come when you least expect it” because it is so true. I definitely could not have expected to meet someone as amazing as him. We’ve been dating for almost a month now.

This painting "Tango Argentino" is in my room, both he and I love it.

This painting “Tango Argentino” is in my room, both he and I love it.


Lana Del Rey – Tropico (Explicit) (Short Film)

Lana Del Rey recently released her short film, Tropico, which deals with a lot of heavy hitting, controversial topics. Included are religious icons, famous people revered like religious icons, Adam and Eve, drugs, stripping, violence. Despite it’s explicitness, it’s cinematography is beautiful and the story riveting. The rise and fall of man, trying too much to be God and so doomed to the Garden of Evil.

Then Lana and her lover are suddenly bathed in light and white. Lana literally strips off her black clothes in order to don a white dress that matches her partner’s white ensemble. No longer is it about the guns, drugs, violence and money but about the two of them, and their passion for one another. Then their love carries them away like to souls bound for what seemed to be heaven.

Stereotypical French Guys

Hey there! Sorry I haven’t updated this in ten days. This week is basically my finals week even though the semester doesn’t end for another three weeks. I have had so many projects and papers due that I haven’t had time to write. This isn’t to say that I haven’t had time to have adventures with flirting and guys.

Which brings me to today’s title “Stereotypical French Guys.”


Foreign Men

My life is probably going to turn into a soap opera, I swear. I’m so tired right now but I feel like it is necessary to indulge you all on the day’s occurrences. Of course the first day I get back from my mini vacation something would happen, or some things as my title alludes to.


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